Merry Christmas Girls

Created: 10 December 2010

Story: Vilia, out of the love for her girlfriends, decided to make scrapbook xmas presents. however, out of sheer insanity, she decided do not just 1 page as people would normally do, but 23 pages. added to that, she made 7 books for all the girls who went to NYC. obviously along the way she lost the drive to finish it so she carted it back seeking for help to finish it, which we did a few nights ago.

Inspiration: I helped her separately with the covers of all the books. it wasn’t easy to come up with 7 different inspirations so I just laid it all out on my bed and pieced things together, keeping it simple.

Here’s an overview of all pieces.

I used Tangs’ christmas envelope. recycling is good for scrapbook!

I kept this one coz it had an elephant. Vilia requested that i use the picture we took outside Pastis.

this one was kinda weird coz it was on a different theme. I used a fairy stamp that I bought at Luna Park at Melbourne but it didn’t stand out at all against the blue background. In fact I made an awful mess of it and almost tore it up. instead i cut away the ugly fairy pieces and pasted the bits back onto another background.


I Love Pai

Created: 22 August 2010

Story: Our first trip together to Pai, Chiangmai in 2009. a 3 hour vomit inducing bus ride later, we reached the place and i loved it. it’s my favourite place on earth. We traveled the whole of Chiangmai and Pai on a scooter called a Fino. at one point, the hill was so steep we actually stalled, because Bryan was too heavy. it’s a holiday i wouldn’t normally go on but I’m glad i did.

Inspiration: Decided to play around with the theme of blue and brown/gold. i took a piece of paisley covered paper and painfully cut out each of the paisley patterns you see here. the words CHIANGMAI are made of gold and brown glitter, while PAI were foam baby blue. the LOVE word had mounting tape under it.

P1030897.jpg picture by burbur


f774e9d4-1.jpg picture by burbur


Vilia aka Vilie

Created: January 2010

Story: this picture was taken outside Pastis at Meat Packing District in NYC. we were waiting for a table and decided to perch ourselves haphazardly on the blocks outside the restaurant. the wait was moderate but we didn’t notice as we were busy catching up on gossip what-have-yous. Vilia loved this picture lots and I thought since NYC was probably one of the better memories for her that year, I’d make her a piece based on this picture.

Inspiration: black and white flower pieces pasted on vertical stripes. from there, it grew into a white and black with baby blue accents theme when I added the light blue luggage to signify that it’s a travel piece. One of my best pieces so far coz of it’s simplicity in colours, yet rich in texture. only 2 layers though, haven’t graduated to 3 or more.



Michelle aka Chubs

Created: August 2009

Story: Michelle’s birthday present, took me 3 hours to do this.

Inspiration: from the very few photos we have of Michelle, taken from key points in her life such as her wedding and her son’s birthday celebration at Ritz-Carlton. Or was it The Line? anyway the key point of this piece was the little messages we each wrote for Michelle. Mine was a funny memory of how we first met. Bibiana’s was slightly more emotional and sentimental. Evonne’s message was along the “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue” variety. I almost rolled my eyes at it.




Linda aka Homie

Created: May 2009

Story: based on our trip to Japan in 2008

Inspiration: photos are taken from our best memories of the trip, such as me injuring my eye and she had to guide me all the way to the clinic. our daily porridge breakfast, our climb up that orange shrine thing. running around Disneyland and not forgetting, the old man who molested her hand. I chose a kawaii / kimono / floral themed paper for this. even threw in an origami crane to keep with the Japanese theme.



Tuty aka Penguin

Created: April 2009

Story: First ever scrap book piece

Inspiration: Penguin and I were as different as day and night. she’s a true extrovert, forever happy and loved being around people. i was the exact opposite, preferring to keep to myself and was grouchy all the time. however, she accepted me for what I am and I love her to bits for it. In this piece, I decided to exemplify our differences, by decorating her side with hearts, flowers and happy things while my side looked as if it crawled out of the wrong side of the bed.

photo.jpg picture by burbur




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