Witcher 2

Completed 9 October 2011

Surprisingly it only took me a month to play this. I’m not sure if it’s a shorter game than usual or I just went through it really fast because I played casual mode instead of the usual normal mode. But the fights were mostly simple slash and hack, with a bit of rolling here and there. What really caught me was the story line and the amazing graphics. A really good RPG doesn’t just have engaging fights, it also has a good skill talent structure built out which allows the player to customise his play style, and also a very rich story line, which Witcher 2 has. Most of the times I skip through the long drawn conversations but with W2, I sat back and enjoyed the story as the NPCs reveal it, because my main character has amnesia. How convenient.

But great plot and images aside, the fights are often frustrating. there are specifically 3 boss fights which I struggled through. The first is the Kayran, an octopus like monster you meet in Act 1 when one is still struggling through the commands and learning the game. Most of the time it’s not immediately clear how one should defeat the boss and I spent a lot of time checking the walkthroughs to find the boss fight strategy.


This one was particularly nasty because it was quite disorienting at the same time. While you’re trying to scramble for safety, you suddenly lose control of your camera view as the game switches to a 3 second cut-scene of falling rock, before switching back to over-the-shoulder perspective. multiply that thrice (3 times the rocks fell), then multiply again by the number of times you repeat the fight because you died, that’s the kind of headache I got after that.


Even then I struggled still because there is so much detail in the graphics that I spent a lot of time going in circles because one rock path looked like the other. Once I spent 15 minutes running around a tree because I couldn’t find a way to the other side. It’s one of those moments where you have run down the same path 15 times only to face the same dead end when suddenly, out of nowhere, a gap in the forest appears and you feel like an idiot for wasting the past 15 minutes of your LIFE looking for an invisible path.


Witch with glowing hat. woohoo


When they had flashbacks, the graphics change to a different style. I love it!


And what I didn’t realise, like DA2, this game had the random sex scene. Unlike DA2 where they promoted promiscuity by encouraging you to sleep with all your team mates to gain a positive standing (so they won’t abandon you at the end of the game), this Witcher is rather faithful to his girlfriend. Here they are at some romantic spot.


She shoots him a come-hither look.




the other difference about W2 is that the sex scenes aren’t merely suggestive like in DA2. they actually showed the couple in some compromising scenes and my eyeballs almost popped out. coupled with the fact that while I was watching this porno scene, my dad came home. So I turned down the volume of the moaning while moving my large head strategically in front of the screen to block the lovemaking in case one of my parents wandered into my room unannounced.

Belatedly I realised where the keyboard settings were (not in the usual spot) and that I could customise my character’s talent points (I couldn’t find that either). If it weren’t for my friend who had played the game already, I’d have struggled through the game like a moron. Apart from the occasional noobness and the lame fighting, I definitely recommend this game because of the in-depth storyline and the beautiful images.


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