Starcraft 2

Completed 16 October 2010, 319pm

There’s a bit of romance in Starcraft apparently. Once upon a time, there was this girl called Sarah Kerrigan. She was a rebel fighter and was sent to fight the zerg.

Screenshot2010-09-2823_04_50.jpg picture by burbur

“Using my cool nifty glasses to look at things. Woaawheee who!”


“GAAWARAHRGHAGRHHH!!!” says damn ugly thing.


“WOAH! YOU ARE ONE MOTHER UGLY PIECE OF… !!” Sarah doesn’t talk like a lady coz ladies don’t use guns that big.




Sarah has an oh fuck moment.


She radios in, “Beam me up, Scotty?”


But Scotty was a coward and he flew far far away.


Soon the Zerg arrived and overwhelmed her.

Apparently that was how it ended in the first Starcraft which I never played coz I suck at RTS games. but since this one had campaign mode where you could pew pew at your own pace, I decided to give it a shot and enjoyed it immensely. Now that I’ve finished it, I’m not sure what to do with myself.

Anyway to continue the story…


Sarah gets turned into the Queen of Zerg or something and is perpetually attacking James and friends. It is highly suspected that she was pissed off at her ex-lover for not rescuing her so she went all out to make them crap in their pants.

Screenshot2010-10-1223_47_17.jpg picture by burbur

“WAARGHGRHGRGAHGRGAHRGAHGRHGHG” oh how the tables have turned.


Starcraft had many cinematic moments.




Once the dust has settled, the boys went deep into the cave.


Only to find Sarah, ex-Queen of the Damned.


But Titus, James’ friend, had other orders as to what to do with the Queen.


But of course James being James, he chose his love over his friend. He wasn’t going to betray Sarah again.

The game is fairly easy and playable at Normal, although I’m not sure if i’d attempt it at Brutal coz I rarely play the same game twice due to my short attention span. The only thing left to do now is play versus, which I’m really bad at. Did I enjoy Starcraft? surprisingly I did. There were many glorious cut scenes and I’m glad to see that the developers took time to grow the story from the last round. The campaign game play was interesting as it gave you different scenarios on how one can play the game; either via build and fight or leading a small troop of soldiers on a secretive mission. There were many variations on how you could move your troops around which made the game less repetitive.



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