Mass Effect 2

Completed 5 December 2010, 143pm

I started Mass Effect 2 awhile back but never had the motivation to finish it because I had just completed Dragonage then and since the style and gameplay was so different, I wasn’t used to switching so I dropped it and played Starcraft 2 instead. However, I resolutely decided to finish it before I begin another new game, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The stupid thing about ME2 is that even though they have a default screenshots folder, you can’t screenshot at all as there’s no function for it, not even printscreen. so after googling how, I downloaded Fraps which allowed me to take niffy shots. and this I figured out when i’m already half way through the game.

Like any good sci-fi story, it’s always the threat of alien egg infestation that gets everyone’s panties into a knot.

Aliens in their spaceship platform which looks like drainage funnel.

another part of the game was to travel the universe looking for unidentified planets and trawling it with a mineral scanner. It’s a minor part of the game but I got obsessed with finding minerals.

The coolest part of the game, the Voice of The Illusive Man isMARTIN SHEEN! I LOVE YOU MR PRESIDENT! every time the illusive man spoke, I wet my panties.

ME2 is one of the best games this year because of all the cool fight scenes. Watch these 2 women battle it out with bionic power. There’re many stories of hurt and betrayal. Father vs Son. Mother vs Daughter. Daughter vs Father. I guess the game developers had issues.

Even in the future, there are shuffling zombies.

Epic battle scene 1: Here’s one cool KABABOOM scene. Here is Shepard (my character) shooting and running for her life.

She makes a leap towards Normandy, her ship.

of course she lands safely on the other side. I didn’t take that screenshot.

Epic battle scene 2: shooting at the baddies while trying to close the door that’s stuck. that’s Shepard on the left going PEW PEW, then a green alien on the right trying to manouver the door controls which are jammed.



“What are you doing? *peep*”
“Hey! watch it!”

Bullet enters his brain. HUH! green alien dies.
orh bee goot.

Epic battle scene 3: BIG SCARY MONSTER THING made up of 100,000 human bodies. RAWRRAWRARWRRWAAWAWWAWWWARARWRARW!!

but despite all that, you can still pause in the middle of the fight to have a conversation.

Monster: RAWR… ah?
Computer: so what do you want to do? do you want to (a) We can’t let it survive (b) How do we stop this? (c) Let’s take it down.
Shepard: hmmmm… B.
Monster: …. like can I start now?
Shepard: ya sure. sorry..

Shepard: KANASAI!

Epic battle scene 4: I have no idea what this is but the colours were very pretty!

Alien: omgwtfbbq they killed my monster baby thing. I think it’s time to retreat kthxbye!





That’s my ship getting away.

you know what else is great about this game? the boobs. here’s a shot of some boobs.

I couldn’t stop looking at her boobs. everytime she sppears, i looked at how well formed they are.

Guess what this shot was for.
(lemme give you a clue… BOOBS!)

There was also a club I went to with pole dancing.

and a lesbian encounter as this alien tried to seduce me.

This is Jack. she is like super cool.

She’s like badass cool with lots of tattoos. she’s also one of the most powerful fighters in the game. unfortunately I made a wrong conversation choice and she didn’t stay loyal to me :(

This is going up on my desktop wallpaper. I think I have a crush.

Oh yes what’s a game without some game tips. I actually said O RLY? with this one. I mean did you see the nice vermilion shade (above) i chose for my armour?

well at least we know there’s  sequel.

After I read this, I quickly went to the engineering bay where Jack was hanging out at. She couldn’t be bothered to chat :( I really wanted to see if there were any lesbian romance in the game. Perhaps I can go back and play it all over again.


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