Completed some time in March 2011

I finally completed Magicka, a $10 game off Steam, with much angst. as mentioned in previous posts, there’s no way of managing the difficulty level throughout the game so you play the same difficulty whether as a single player or multi-player. so while  it was dead easy with Bryan playing with me, it was way tough on my own, especially when I’m not very well versed with pressing 8 different buttons in a certain order to get a certain spell. the final boss in Magicka sends you into a rapid dream sequence where you fight about 8 different fights in quick succession of varying difficulty. however, the minute you die at any one of the levels, the game sends you to the start of the 8 fights and you repeat it all over again. at one point, I got to fight 5 and died, and was sent back. I must have fought the first 2 fights about 200 times. I don’t know what I was more amazed at, my perseverance or the sheer stupidity of a game that won’t let you save. In the end, Bryan logged in to play with me but it wasn’t satisfying at all.


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