Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Completed 22 January 2012

Probably the most talked about game in 2011. Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim.
I surprised myself when I got this game because I barely started Elder Scrolls 4 Morrowind before giving up.

on top of that, I hated Fallout, from the same developers Bethesda, because of the open world concept which while allowing for greater free play, also meant I got lost ALOT.

Funnily, I enjoyed Skyrim alot. I went round proclaiming myself Dragonborn, much to the annoyance of Bryan, the amusement of my gamer friends and the confusion of my colleagues.




As usual I spend too much time worrying over how ugly my character would look. While Bryan would have focused on the racial advantages, I tried to pick a race where I don’t look so odd.



If you thought that a racist remark, imagine running around looking like THIS.






Like most games, I started off a bit lost. I prefer games where there’s a very short tutorial because I’m usually quite excited to jump right into the fray. But Skyrim had a really long opening sequence and they don’t immediately tell you when you have full control of your character. So I started off clicking wildly around the screen not realising it’s a cut-scene so there’s nothing I could do. So I sat back and watched the scenes and then realised after awhile why my character stopped moving was because I was supposed to take control of it. RIGHT.



I didn’t take any screenshots in between but I must say it took me FOREVER to play this game coz there are SO MANY QUESTS. I started doing the small ones until I realised there is no end before I started concentrating on the main plot line. Here, I had to capture a dragon who will take me to another place to kill another dragon. sweet.



Every girl wants a Dragon mount.





When a dragon dies, he does it prettily.

I struggled towards the end and had to bat my eyelashes at Bryan to get him to help me. That was when he realised I’ve been running around end-game with novice spells. After getting scolded, he spent all my gold to buy higher level spells and suddenly the game got really easy. Felt really n00b about it!

So I’ve completed the game, but the best bit about Skyrim is that the world still exists and I can return anytime to finish the smaller quests. However I have SWTOR to contend with!





  1. I worry about whether I look ugly too when I choose characters!

    About how many hours of gameplay do you get in Skyrim and is it true that it’s single player only? Still on the fence whether to get it before Diablo III is out.

    1. you get many many hours! the quests are limitless. almost everyone has a task for you to do. collect herbs. follow someone. kill someone. after awhile i got bored and decided to follow the story line.

      yes it’s single player only. you should get it anyway coz D3 won’t come out that soon so you have a few months to finish this game.

      1. Cool, will do once we’re done with NWN2 and its multiple expansion packs. Knowing how OCD I am, I’ll prob try to exhaust all the side quests before following the storyline. Will update on whether they’re really limitless 😉

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