Dungeon Siege 3

Completed 3 November 2011

After months of dilly-dallying with Dragonage 2, I’m suddenly on a roll, finishing one game after another in quick succession. This month, I attempted Dungeon Siege 3, an RPG hack and slash game  with a top down view, much like Diablo 2. You control a character (choose from warrior, mage, gun slinger and fire mage?) and you partner with an AI. I played the fire mage and I partnered with a warrior Lucas but I soon changed to Katarina the gun slinger coz her gun shot purple LASSERRRS of light.

This game can also be played in multi-player mode. however the dumb part is if you’re hosting the game and your friend joins you, he plays your AI character and gains no points whatsoever. so he leaves the game with everything stored on your AI, not his character.

Funnily whenever I play multiplayer, I lose the ability to recognise my character and I end up looking at the wrong one and wondering why is my character not moving as I want it. I’m constantly muttering under my breath, “i’m the blue circle. i’m the blue circle.”


Most times, this is what the graphics look like.

when it goes into flash back or story telling mode, they switch to this style of drawing, much like the way they do it in Witcher 2.

the game allows you to pick up coins and loot that burst out of chests onto the floor or buy them from merchants. check out my upgraded gear.


Boob shots

as usual, there is no game, especially RPG, without their boob shots.


Wayang Kali?

even Britney Spears (Toxic) showed up to fight.

the Dapper Gent. the second boss fight which was bloody tough. I spent an hour button mashing and almost got a hand cramp. I gave up and called B to help me.


The last boss fight, the Corrupted Creator. I literally spent the entire fight running in circles and let Katarina shoot him with her laser gun.

Corrupted Creator: RAAAAWRRRR

me: oh fuck?

Here’s where I hacked off his right arm. reminds me of a fight in WoW.

and then he got his other arm stuck in a tree.

his oh fuck? expression.

in all, a simple and enjoyable game. the storyline is a little lame and I didn’t like the voice of my main character so I skipped a lot of the dialogue so I didn’t have to hear it. For those of you waiting for D3 to come out, you can play this in the meantime.


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