Dragonage 2

Completed 5 September 2011

Much of DA2 is similar to DA1.

The blood splatter on the face even after the fight to show how violently violent the game was.


as usual, to gain good standing in your clique, you’ve gotta sleep with everyone.

I seriously wonder what sort of morals they’re trying to teach to young minds.




anyway to the important issue at hand, the boss fights. DA2 as compared to its predecessor, was slightly harder to fight. they no longer let you get away with the slash & hack style but instead demands more micro managing. instead of going through the fight in a breeze, I paused the game every millisecond to position every member of my team. maybe that’s why I took 5 months to finish it.




Crazy ass dragon fight.


okay this guy, I refer to as the rock boss. He is characteristic of the bosses in DA2, harder to fight, needing a lot of strategy and leg work. While most boss fights in DA1 required just positioning of the team at the start, the bosses in DA2 require full on dungeon mode style, much like WoW dungeons. instead that in WoW, all the other mates are controlled by other people. Here, you’re forced to re-position everyone every other move. Especially when the boss goes through a series of attacks which you have to look out for; an alarming spark, a rumbling roar, before he attacks someone in your team. So I’m constantly moving all 4 people around the boss while he strikes out, then moving them back in again to fight him. it’s quite tedious.


Jabba the Eughhhhhh


The killing blows aren’t as spectacular as in DA1.

I must admit I felt nothing but relief when the game finally ended. It was so long winded that when I finished Act 1, I thought that was it until the game play continued, much to my horror. I think that was some time in July.


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