Gamer Girl

I used to wonder what was life like before World Of Warcraft, where I spent 5 years of my life grinding and leveling my Warlock in that MMORPG. I vaguely remember playing games that didn’t come from Blizzard. Now that I’ve quit WoW, I’m back to playing other kinds of games. There is life after Blizzard.

Here’s a collection of the games I’ve completed, mostly on PC. Details can be found under the Gamer Girl tab.


Dungeon Siege 3

Completed 3 November 2011


Witcher 2

Completed 9 October 2011



Dragonage 2

Completed 5 September 2011




Completed some time in March 2011



Mass Effect 2

Completed 5 December 2010, 143pm




Completed 16 October 2010, 319pm

Screenshot2010-09-2823_04_50.jpg picture by burbur




Completed 25th July 2010 2am




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