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Oink, Pulled Pork Sandwich

We chanced upon this little gem on our climb up to Edinburgh Castle. Framed in pretty pink with an unassuming name Oink, it attracted a long line of hungry people that snaked out through the tiny shop and out onto the pavement. * we ventured closer to see what it’s about. It didn’t need much […]

Glenkinchie Distillery, Scotland

Glenkinchie is a Scotch single malt whisky, produced at the Glenkinchie Distillery in East Lothian, Scotland. This is the first distillery that we visited on our tour of the great Scotch whisky. Glenkinchie is a lowland single malt, one of the three remaining lowland distilleries left. Lowland whiskies are marked by their light, fruity and […]

Iris, Edinburgh (Day 2)

Iris was truly a serendipitous find. We were walking along the river aimlessly wandering in and out of shops when I found a city map that plotted out sections of the new town. There was an area that promised hip restaurants and cafes so we wandered around looking for it. With my amazing sense of […]

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland (Day 1)

Truth be told, we went to so many castles in Scotland that after awhile they looked all the same, except for Stirling Castle where they spruced it up with furniture and characters walking throughout the estate. Edinburgh Castle was at one end of the Royal Mile, opposite the more popular Holyrood Castle. It is located […]

Edinburgh, Scotland Old Town (Day 1)

We landed in Edinburgh close to 8am and it was too early to check in so we decided to walk around Old Town, Edinburgh. It was cold, wet and we were fighting jetlag but it still didn’t take away the historical beauty of this city.

Scotland - Albyn Town House

Albyn Townhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland (Day 1)

We arrived in Edinburgh on British Airways via Heathrow. Except for a moment where the plane fell a couple of feet and my heart dropped to my gut, everything else was okay. At customs, I addressed Bryan as my “husband” for the first time when the customs guy asked if I were travelling alone. It […]

I ran through Heathrow Airport

This trip home is one of many firsts. First we had to claim VAT at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3. that took us an hour and half. Because of that, we checked our bags at the counter an hour later than usual, but we still had some time to do some shopping in the restricted area. […]

I hate shopping (UK edition)

Whenever I tell people I don’t really enjoy shopping, I get the same look that people give me when I tell them I don’t like chocolate. It is supposedly hard wired into the female genetics that these are the two things women are supposed to love and doing otherwise would make me less female? Whatever […]

Kippers for breakfast (Day 5)

Today I discovered what husbands are for. They eat your breakfast when you decide to be adventurous and order kippers (fish!) for breakfast and they turn out not what you expect. It’s a good thing I married one who eats anything!

The Scotch Whisky Experience (Day 2)

(We visited on 6 June) Our friend Eugene recommended that we start our Great Whisky Tour with an introduction to whisky at the Scotch Whisky Experience. Located 50 steps from the entrance of Edinburgh Castle, 2 part tour that shows you how whisky is made, a great introduction to people who don’t use Wikipedia or […]