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What your groceries say about you?

 My supermarket trips are often touch and go. I go in, grab the few necessary items I need, and I’m out. But the rare occasion where I can afford the time to loiter, I’d grab a trolley and make my way through the aisles, randomly grabbing stuff that I think I may need. While I […]

Small but definite differences

Bryan is confused as to whether I like eggs or not. He noticed that I left out the scrambled eggs fried together with my carrot cake so he assumed that I didn’t like eggs. 10 points for observation. So the next time he cracked an egg into his Maxwell Road chok (porridge), he didn’t crack […]

What are babies doing on my Facebook?

I’ve been noticing an alarming trend these days. Pictures of babies and children appearing on my Facebook news feed. To my knowledge, Facebook populates your news feed based on certain priorities: 1. important people of your life (those marked as partners or family) 2. people you marked as Close Friends 3. people whose Facebook posts […]

Why do some people think it’s okay to say you’re fat?

Yesterday I was munching on a wasabi cracker when a colleague glanced at me and muttered, “snacking will make you fat.” She said it so softly that no one but the both of us heard it. She was obviously directing that comment at me as it was the fourth time she has said something along […]

Hierarchy of Annoyance

I think Maslow would have been better off creating this.

Gym Classmates

I haven’t really been attending any classes at my gym even though the initial intention to sign up for a membership was to do so. I tried a few classes the first few weeks but I soon gave up and head straight for the treadmills instead. 40 mins on that and the bicycle gives me […]

72 hours

Last Friday the Shaw tickeitng website went down. It made the news probably because it was slow news day. They interviewed several cinema patrons who displayed distress at the inconvenience. One even said that it’s shocking that something like this could happen during a popular period. She’s right. How dare the computer system break down […]

Goodbye to a friend

(This was written on the last day of June). I’m writing about this now because I’m still feeling kinda down about it. I have a friend that I’ve known for about 15 years now. We’ve been closed but lately we’ve grown apart, especially when his then girlfriend expressed a dislike for me so I kept […]

Pink Dot 2012

This is the 4th year we are celebrating Freedom and Love for LGBT at Pink Dot 2012. Located at Hong Lim Park, the crowd was 15,000 large this time round. While I love the support that the movement is getting, it was too crowded and humid for me. As usual, I could count on the […]

Men will be boys

I’m at an uncle’s office party where 3 kids and 2 grown men were playing with the office weighing machine (for postal deliveries). One of the man helped his 2 youngest grandnieces onto the machine and loudly announced their weights (16kg and 13kg respectively). When the 3rd girl, almost 10 years old, hopped onto the […]