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Announcement: Burburchan is moving!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for reading burburchan blog for 2 years now. This blog is moving to Please update your RSS feeds and bookmarks! You can either follow by email or click the wordpress FOLLOW button at the bottom right corner! If you prefer email subscription, please click on the email button on the […]

Sushi and Pizza birthday party

It was Jasmine’s birthday 2 weeks ago so we got together at Erica’s place to celebrate. It was a pot luck where Bryan brought beer, Erica bought sushi from Mediya and Jasmine bought pizza from Da Paolo Gastronomia. Erica baked red velvet cupcakes and painstakingly dotted the cupcakes with pink heart shapes. she got a […]

Farewell to Skye Sirena

Skye Sirena is my friend’s brother’s girlfriend. She worked at Dragonfly as a singer. Last Thursday was her last night at Dragonfly and she held her farewell concert. It was an hour long set where she showed off her vocal range. I was very impressed as she had the range of Mariah Carey, trilling through […]

Happy Birthday to me #2

As part of the birthday celebrations, my colleagues asked when I was free to have a surprise birthday lunch. We picked Wednesday since I was going to be on leave on my birthday itself. While out at a meeting, I had a sudden craving for steamboat and told one of them so. So as a […]

All you need is love Wedding

Bryan’s cousin had his wedding celebration on 29 February at One Rochester. I love the idea because it is simple and casual. Pity my family isn’t into simple and casual. What I love about Bryan’s family are the children. With ages varying from 2 to 9, they provide a range of entertaining options for a […]

Happy Birthday Mong!

Mong celebrated her big 4-OH! at Cookyn Inc at Garden Hub (Margaret Drive). I didn’t realise it was where Cookyn with Mervyn has moved to until I saw his wife wandering around us keeping us fed. The theme was Back To School so we all had to scramble to get our uniforms. It would have […]

New year’s at the Seow Gohs

It was an impromptu thing, us getting invited to the Seow Gohs but we gladly accepted it as we dearly miss our friends. and of course there was the promise of FOOD. Tricia’s mom cooked 5 kinds of curry. I had no idea what kind of curry but I could identify one prawn curry and […]

Treadmill vs Burbur

from the beginning of time, I never liked treadmills. In fact I never liked running or jogging so to ever use a machine that’s specifically built for that activity, baffles me. it’s like oil and water. i may stand beside a treadmill but I’d never get on it. I’ll just stand there glowering at it […]

Zombie Survival Kit: Building stamina with Amore

In anticipation of a zombie apocalypse, I joined Amore Fitness Club to improve my stamina. Between Bryan and myself, we’ve pretty much covered the offensive; archery, trap shooting (shotgun), AK-47 (thanks to the army), melee (I’m good with a baseball bat, Bryan is good with a frying pan). However when it comes to the defensive […]

First Run

I went running for the first time in 15 years. The last time I ran was back in junior college where I was fit enough to complete my 2.4km run and all the other stations (yes even standing broad jump) and got a pass for my effort. When I left junior college, I abandoned running […]