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Oink, Pulled Pork Sandwich

We chanced upon this little gem on our climb up to Edinburgh Castle. Framed in pretty pink with an unassuming name Oink, it attracted a long line of hungry people that snaked out through the tiny shop and out onto the pavement. * we ventured closer to see what it’s about. It didn’t need much […]

Iris, Edinburgh (Day 2)

Iris was truly a serendipitous find. We were walking along the river aimlessly wandering in and out of shops when I found a city map that plotted out sections of the new town. There was an area that promised hip restaurants and cafes so we wandered around looking for it. With my amazing sense of […]

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Scotland Food: Two Thin Laddies

When we landed in Edinburgh, it was too early to check into our rooms so we walked towards the city centre. It was cold and wet. I had on my waterproof North Face jacket but it didn’t have fleece so I was freezing. Imagine my relief when we turned the corner and saw this cafe. […]

About London: Cafe Philies (Kensington)

We were walking towards Holland Park when we came across Cafe Philies. A charming little cafe with sidwalk tables, we thought it would be a perfect place to stop for lunch with Eliza in tow. We grabbed the last al fresco table out in the sunlight and parked our asses there. It was 1130am but […]

About London: Eating at Arbutus (SoHo)

Arbutus is a snazzy bistro located in the heart of London SoHo, with a one Michelin star to its name. Despite its one star, it is still affordable (£18.95 2 courses – £20.95 3 courses) thanks to its pre-theatre menu. As the name states, it’s a set menu served earlier than usual, typically starts around […]

Familiar food in a foreign place

I have been in UK for 12 days now and I’m missing home food rather badly. By the second day I was thinking of the herbal prawns I didn’t get to eat at my own wedding dinner (although I think more so because I didn’t get to eat it than because I miss prawns). By […]

Happy Birthday to Me #5 Malacca Seafood

We made a weekend trip to Malacca, this time with 2 goals in mind: #1 to get my wedding shoes. #2 TO EAT. The last trip we made a month ago was pre-planned by family so we didn’t get to visit Portuguese Settlement, a sea-facing seafood stretch of restaurants that specialises in Portuguese style cooking. […]

Eating Malacca: Restoran Tong Sheng

From our weekend Malacca trip: Just around the bend from Restoran Keng-Dom is Restoran Tong Sheng. This restaurant is known for its seafood, most importantly Malacca’s well-known baked crab and cheese beehoon. I’ve heard a lot about cheese bee hoon but I’ve never had it till today. The restaurant was packed with locals, a sure […]

Eating Malacca: Restoran Keng Dom

From our weekend trip to Malacca, a bulk of it was eating. Uncle D picked his favourite restaurants and dragged all of us there. This was our first stop when we reached Malacca. Without a doubt, the old men were all making jokes about it being a restaurant that serves condoms. * Restoran Keng Dom […]

Khao Soi

Khao Soi is a Burmese influenced dish found in Northern Thailand. It is a yellow curry-based noodle dish that’s slightly watery, as compared to the laksa dish found in Singapore and Malaysia. The dish is often found at roadside stalls, but we couldn’t find any so we made do with a touristy Khao Soi restaurant […]