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Oink, Pulled Pork Sandwich

We chanced upon this little gem on our climb up to Edinburgh Castle. Framed in pretty pink with an unassuming name Oink, it attracted a long line of hungry people that snaked out through the tiny shop and out onto the pavement. * we ventured closer to see what it’s about. It didn’t need much […]

Iris, Edinburgh (Day 2)

Iris was truly a serendipitous find. We were walking along the river aimlessly wandering in and out of shops when I found a city map that plotted out sections of the new town. There was an area that promised hip restaurants and cafes so we wandered around looking for it. With my amazing sense of […]

Owen Restaurant (Turf City)

Turf City was where horses used to run but years ago they moved to the suburbs and what used to be a grand race track where punters and ladies in big hats used to hang out, is now kind of a dump. I knew they converted the building into a string of restaurants and shops […]

Honey pork ribs with roasted potatoes

This dish is insanely easy and what’s best, it’s cooked entirely in the oven so there’s little mess in the kitchen that usually comes with Chinese stir-frying. Definitely a reprieve from all that sweating I did in the kitchen the past few meals. They really should make better ventilated kitchens in HDB flats. Honey Pork […]

Flam’s Singapore – The Original Flam taste!

We popped by Flam’s Singapore at Orchard Central. Flam’s is based on a traditional dish called Flammekueche or Tarte Flambée. It’s really like a thin crust pizza covered with cream cheese rather than the usual tomato sauce. The typical Flam is also covered with bacon strips. We ordered the original Flam and the Flam with […]

Domestic Goddess

Bryan has a great many unexpected kitchen utensils for a man’s kitchen. Not only did I find a blender (great for blending garlic and onion together into a paste), he has a god to honest steamer. It comes in 2 parts, the bottom pot where you fill with water and the top portion with holes […]

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Scotland Food: Two Thin Laddies

When we landed in Edinburgh, it was too early to check into our rooms so we walked towards the city centre. It was cold and wet. I had on my waterproof North Face jacket but it didn’t have fleece so I was freezing. Imagine my relief when we turned the corner and saw this cafe. […]

Easy bakes: Maple walnut cupcakes

My colleague bought me this cupcake book last Christmas and I finally got round to using it. The 2nd recipe on it was maple and pecan cupcakes, a really easy recipe to follow. Except that I didn’t have pecan so I made do with walnuts. the cupcakes turned out light and fluffy, the way it […]

Via Mar at Singapore Arts Museum

I met up with Daphne for dinner at Via Mar, a Spanish restaurant at Singapore Arts Museum. Daphne and I have known each other for awhile, through a mutual friend, but we have never really hung out till this day. We chat often online and she was kind enough to share wedding charts and tables […]

Couplehood weekend: Cooking Pancetta pasta together

My first encounter with pancetta pasata was at Cafe Philies in London. It was such a lovely dish that I wanted to try it on my own. From the many recipes online, it was a relatively easy dish to cook so we attempted it over the weekend. When they said too many cooks spoil the […]