What is Burburchan about?
Burburchan is still about a Girl on A Whim, doing things that strikes her fancy. But now it’s also a Girl in Two Worlds: the girly side of burbur that some of her friends (such as livejournal friends) are constantly surprised by, and the boyish tendencies that others (colleagues, acquaintances) are surprised by, such as PC gaming and such. I’m trying to keep to a habit of writing regularly to fulfill my childhood fancy of becoming an editor of some magazine.

While it is the norm for people my age to have achieved certain adult-like things in life like a family and such, I still spend most of my time in pursuit of whims of a carefree young adult, while battling the impending doom of adulthood.

On the topic of doing things that aren’t normal; I like some things girl (baking, pretty things, scrapbook) but I also like some things boy (gaming, Lego Star Wars, looking at boobies).

Why Burburchan
burbur was a name that came out of nowhere. my first blog name was something cute and horrific like baelfire or starfire or some cutesy mage-like shit that I must have picked up from yet another fantasy novel I was reading. That blog was quickly shut down as I couldn’t quite come to terms with how the Internet was supposedly anonymous and then having an online friend find out about your supposedly secret online blog. I decided then that rather than come out with yet another bad attempt at a cool sounding name made up of two words (“donut + princess” and “love + spit + fire” were a few of the bad concoctions), I just randomly came up with a sound, said it twice and tada, burbur was formed.

To my horror, burbur was taken up on wordpress. It is mortifying to know that there is another burbur in the world, and this mortifying experience repeated itself time and again whenever I signed up a new account with yet another social media must-have. so I’ve had variations on a burbur. burburchan is one of them that Bryan, that’s my other half, calls me.

Chan – a japanese honorific, or suffix added to the end of one’s name. chan is usually used when 2. the person is cute, usually younger, usually a girl

at least something came out of my Japanese class.

so no, “chan” has nothing to do with anyone’s family name. it’s just a term of endearment of sorts.

Before WordPress
I started out at Livejournal and had stuck to it for so long I never thought I’d leave it. but people have been dropping out of Livejournal, opting for either another blog site such as Blogger or WordPress, or even Twitter (GASP! twittering ISN’T blogging?!). I enjoyed the community spirit of Livejournal however it’s all but gone now that people either have no time to update religiously (I’ve been guilty of that, judging by the number of posts I’ve updated in the past 6 months), or cannot deal with the social norms of being on a social website.

I’m still torn between Livejournal (my 7 years relationship that’s dying) and wordpress (this new thing in my life that’s distracting me). So we’ll see how long this lasts.


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