Chowder the French Bulldog

20120909-190055.jpg 20120909-190106.jpg

This 3 year old french bulldog was up for adoption and meeting his potential new owners. He was a bundle of energy, so excited to be out and about that he was pulling and tugging his leash this way and that as he sniffed the grass, greeted other dogs and peed at the legs of the chairs. His scrunched up face was so adorable that everyone who met him was cooing with love, except for one old man who panted excitedly at the dog in mimicry. Soon he got tired of all the attention and turned instead towards the frosted glass doors of the vet clinic, where the cool air greeted him whenever someone pushed the door open. He tugged insistently at his leash as he tried to stick his head into the air-conditioned comfort of the room. After playing tug of war with him, I relented and let him in.



  1. has chowder found his new owners? am interested! (:

    1. Chowder is on his way to meet his new owners. Here’s hoping he’s happy at his new home!

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