What your groceries say about you?

20120902-152633.jpg My supermarket trips are often touch and go. I go in, grab the few necessary items I need, and I’m out. But the rare occasion where I can afford the time to loiter, I’d grab a trolley and make my way through the aisles, randomly grabbing stuff that I think I may need.

While I have time to explore the shelves, I take the opportunity to look at what other people are buying too. Their trolleys give insight to what kind of lives goes on behind each closed door. Do they cook at home? Trolleys with essentials like rice and oil. Some with all kinds of frozen food. Are they a small or big family? Trolleys laden with many rolls of toilet paper. Is it a young family? 8 cans of baby formula powder. Or are they just tenants co-existing in one unit? A migrant worker pushing a trolley filled with instant noodles and canned soup only. Do they have teenagers? Packets of potato chips and juice. Or do they eat healthily? An assortment of fruits and vegetables. Do they cook or bake more often? Nothing else but flour, chocolate chips and raisins. Or are they having a party? 24-can packs of coke and beer.

However sometimes the trolley doesn’t always paint the full story. A cashier once raised her eyebrow at the number of bottled filtered water we bought (18 1.5 litres bottles to be exact). At first glance, it looked as if we were either preparing for an apocalypse or we were absolutely health-conscious and didn’t drink from the tap. Little did she know that Bryan used the water to make his beer.
So what goes into your trolley?



  1. triciaseow · · Reply

    Mine definitely says ‘big family with baby’. It’s got everything from bread, rice, oil etc. to household detergents to baby diapers and toiletries. All in multiples. Trolley full full you do not want to stand behind us! Only things we don’t have are fresh foods – those we get from the market!

  2. triciaseow · · Reply

    Hahaha about Bryan’s beer making!

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