Small but definite differences

Bryan is confused as to whether I like eggs or not.

He noticed that I left out the scrambled eggs fried together with my carrot cake so he assumed that I didn’t like eggs. 10 points for observation. So the next time he cracked an egg into his Maxwell Road chok (porridge), he didn’t crack one into mine, much to my chagrin. In his confusion, I had to explain when and what kind of eggs I ate.

Eggs that I do eat:
Sunny-side up, omelette (sometimes), soft-boiled eggs with black sauce (yum), fried egg, raw egg (with beef), egg soup, hard-boiled egg, raw egg throw into porridge or handmade noodles soup, eggs benedict.

Eggs that I do not eat:
any egg cooked to compliment to a dish such as carrot cake, hokkien mee, fried kway teow, stir-fried udon, scrambled egg.

The same thing applies to children as well.

In general I am ambivalent towards children. I’d rather not be caught in the same room with 30 children at a birthday party, but then A LOT of people don’t either. I have no affinity for babies because I sincerely don’t know what to do with them. My interest in children ranges from aged 3 to 5 years old because they say the darnest things and I am really curious as to their personality development at this stage. While I would balk at the idea of babysitting Bryan’s 8 nieces and nephews, I am always observing their interaction with one another and how different their personalities are. I get amazed by Bryan’s 5 year old nephew who can tell the difference between a Lamborghini Aventador and a Bugatti Veyron. I have conversations with 4 year old niece because she speaks in entire sentences and has never cried in the 3 years I’ve known her. I was catching up with a friend’s daughter to learn that she has moved from drawing ninja animated movies to stories about ponies, unicorns and donkeys. I thought that was it until I found myself enjoying a conversation with my other friend’s 2 teenage children, totally remarkable since I’ve earlier on sworn off teenagers.

So the moral of the story is, children are like eggs. I may not love eggs but that doesn’t mean I hate all of it.


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  1. triciaseow · · Reply

    I like kids. Any age. Especially if they like me. But not the spoilt bratty ones.

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