Oink, Pulled Pork Sandwich

We chanced upon this little gem on our climb up to Edinburgh Castle.

Framed in pretty pink with an unassuming name Oink, it attracted a long line of hungry people that snaked out through the tiny shop and out onto the pavement.


we ventured closer to see what it’s about. It didn’t need much advertising as to what it really sold.


“Eat me! Eat me!” it squealed. Just looking at this makes me craved for it now.

The first time we went by it, they were sold out by 5pm. So the next day we made extra effort to get there for lunch. You get to choose from a range of buns, where they will slather generous amounts of pork meat into it and top it up with a sauce. Mine was apple sauce. Check out the crackling.


Our brave warrior Bryanlisk attacks his wild boar with much fervour. The 2 grandmothers seated at our table were much amused. If you’re ever in Edinburgh, you must go to Oink.

34 Victoria Street
Grassmarket, Edinburgh


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