A Marriage Proposal

It was the greatest proposal of all. It began with a card promising love forever and always. Then a paper craft of a windmill they visited in Holland, their most recent holiday together. Then a hailstorm of gifts, one each day, that showed his love for her. The gifts range from handmade crafts where he painstakingly glued each fabric or letter together, a homage to the papercraft hobbyist in her. Other gifts were extravagant, from luxury wallets to a Macbook Air. He didn’t hesitate one bit when it came to showering her with gifts.

There were 25 gifts in total, marking every year of her existence, culminating into a grand finale where we all gathered at Flutes at Fort Canning for the final surprise. The path was covered with rose petals and tea lights, where before a black cloth, he spoke to her of his commitment to her in a series of flash cards ala Love Actually. She didn’t know what to expect, thinking that a private dining experience awaited them behind the cloth. Definitely not expecting her close friends to be hiding in awaiting with the words MARRY ME emblazoned in tea lights.

Just as he was about to push aside the cloth, a gush of wind blew and extinguished all the lights except for one. There was a groan of dismay that the effort spent lighting the candles for the past hour was gone in a blink of an eye. But it didn’t matter because he got down on one knee and she started to cry; and even though she couldn’t see the words MARRY ME, nor hear us shout “WILL YOU MARRY HIM!” she understood the implications of all the gifts, all his actions, and all his words. As she nodded yes and he slipped the ring onto her finger, we all cheered, happy that all the sneaking around weeks prior was a success, that we could finally drop the lighters from our blistered fingers, and the celebrations could begin.

The dinner menu included:

tartare of sea scallops, fois gras with berry sauce.

20120902-014113.jpg 20120902-014124.jpg

steak with carrot purree and mashed pea. cream of asparagus soup.


The surprises didn’t end there. He presented to her a bouquet of 100 roses and after the dinner, surprised her further with 2 Maltese puppies that she had always wanted.

It was a love that began 12 years ago, where he first saw her in class and took every opportunity to irritate her. Like a typical Taiwanese teenage drama series, they were at loggerheads right from the very start; she the school prefect while he was the school rebel. They fought their way through the years up till the point someone pulled a prank on her by placing a very large earthworm on her desk. She was terrified to tears while he was furious at the prank. He jumped to her rescue by crushing the worm with his foot. Surprised at his actions, she started noticing the little things he did for her. It was only when he wrote her a long love letter about having carried the torch for her all this time. And that’s when the love story begin.

Congratulations Rachael and Alwyn. You two make me cry.



  1. That’s the sweetest proposal story. And omg puppies!

  2. Now THAT’S how you propose 🙂 Congrats Rachael and Alwyn.

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