Flam’s Singapore – The Original Flam taste!

20120729-180428.jpg We popped by Flam’s Singapore at Orchard Central. Flam’s is based on a traditional dish called Flammekueche or Tarte Flambée. It’s really like a thin crust pizza covered with cream cheese rather than the usual tomato sauce. The typical Flam is also covered with bacon strips. We ordered the original Flam and the Flam with goat cheese and honey. The latter is really tasty, dripping with gooey yumminess. It’s like eating prata with condensed milk and honey. Not for the faint hearted!

Our server Gerald was very attentive, popping by to say hello to us and also to recommend other dishes we should try on our next visit, such as the Flam with minced beef. The best part about Flam is that we could slice it any way we want, great for sharing it with friends. We completed our meal with the Flam dessert, pear and almond with chocolate chips, also recommended by Gerald. It was a good pick as the flavours were sweet but not overwhelmingly so. The almond bits were burnt so it lends a crunchy texture and charred flavour to the sweet treat. Highly recommended.

Bryan is now looking for people to go on the Flam buffet. For $24.90, you can have any Flam you want, as many as you want! is that a good deal or what!

Also good to try is the french onion soup. I love french onion soup but $10 for a bowl here made it a little pricey for me.

20120729-180420.jpg 20120729-180403.jpg


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