Albyn Townhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland (Day 1)

We arrived in Edinburgh on British Airways via Heathrow. Except for a moment where the plane fell a couple of feet and my heart dropped to my gut, everything else was okay. At customs, I addressed Bryan as my “husband” for the first time when the customs guy asked if I were travelling alone. It was kinda strange to refer to him as my “husband”. We told him we just got married and he congratulated us. He seemed genuinely happy for us. We chatted about wedding parties and he asked if the wedding was big. We said it was not really, 200 people and he agreed by our Asian standards (he’s of South Asian descent), 200 is not a lot. Then he told us his sister recently got married. I have no idea what his name was but he was a really friendly chap. The UK customs is a sheer joy to go through as compared to the US one. The Brits are really happy to have you visit their country.

At Edinburgh, we checked ourselves into Albyn Townhouse. It is lovely B&B located in a quiet area, about 15 mins walk from Old Town. It is run by a french lady Lydie and her husband David. They have 2 kids and 2 staff helping out. There are many things that I love about the place. Lydie is really friendly and funny and she gave us a very warm welcome.

When I read up about Albyn on Tripadvisor, I fell in love with the design of the bedrooms. The actual room didn’t disappoint. The bed was extremely comfortable, firm mattress yet soft to touch. The covers were thick and I had such difficulty getting out of bed every morning. Bryan would stand there with an eyebrow raised as I vainly try to fight back the mattress which was pulling me back.

The next best part about Albyn is the breakfast. Breakfast throughout all the B&Bs we stayed in Scotland served the usual toast, porridge and cooked breakfast (ham, bacon, eggs). Albyn has PANCAKES.

I ate the same breakfast for 2 days because they were so good. Vanilla pancakes with toffee sauce and fresh cream. I rarely finish my breakfast but I definitely finished this.

On the day we left, we got to meet Maya their basset hound. She was this old dog that was excited to be let out of the basement. After giving us a cursory sniff, she made her way to the breakfast room to search for scraps and crumbs. This was the final reason that we decided on Albyn among the other B&Bs.

After driving 3 hours to Abelour, Bryan reached into is pocket and realised he had forgotten to return our room key! We felt bad about it so we wrapped it up with a little whisky bottle from Edradour and shipped it back to Albyn Townhouse. I dropped Lydie an email apologising about the oversight and assured her it wasn’t Maya who ate the key.

Lydie replied a few days later:

Thank you so much for your email and for the key and for the PRESENT!!! David says that he will share! I am just glad you said that it isn’t Maya as she was chained to the tree outside but I just went and freed her!! Joking of course, she would eat anything but a key isn’t as palatable as the kids biscuits!

I would recommend this lovely B&B to anyone who is staying in Edinburgh.



  1. Love the basset!!!!!’

    1. she’s an old dog! she’s so cute!

  2. Sounds lovely! We’re planning to go to UK and a distillery tour is on the cards. Am furiously taking notes now 🙂

    1. oh! i thought you’ve been to scotland already?

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