Via Mar at Singapore Arts Museum

I met up with Daphne for dinner at Via Mar, a Spanish restaurant at Singapore Arts Museum. Daphne and I have known each other for awhile, through a mutual friend, but we have never really hung out till this day. We chat often online and she was kind enough to share wedding charts and tables when I needed them. Apart from a mutual disdain for idiots, we also share a love for cats. I’m perpetually tickled by her fondness for her cat Melvin.


I have to admit as an introvert, I was initially petrified of meeting her. Not because she’s a petrifying person but I wasn’t sure if the constant conversation we managed to maintain online could be brought forward to real life. I have performance anxiety. But she was a charming person to talk to and once we got started, we couldn’t stop talking. Oh another thing we had in common, which I found out that night, were crazy friends!


Via Mar was deathly quiet on a weekday night so I guess I could have saved myself some grief when I tried to place reservations with the staff who couldn’t spell my name properly. We ordered a platter of meats to start of with while the seafood paella took about 20 minutes to cook. I liked the paella as it was done pretty well, as paella should but Daphne found it slightly too salty for her palate.

on average we spent about $35 per person.


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