Snow Patrol Live in Singapore

20120806-235833.jpg I was really far off from the stage but zoom function can be deceiving. Snow Patrol’s first ever concert in Singapore, my third in this life time, was held at Fort Canning Singapore. One of the shittiest place ever to hold a concert because it’s really bloody hot in there.

The sold out concert was electrifying with 7,000 strong fans jumping and cheering the band as they sang favourites from their later albums. I’m not very good at remembering lyrics or names so I shan’t bother.

It was a pain to get into the concert as the queue snaked around the car park ala Retrolicious concert but they moved it quite fast considering and when we entered the grounds, I was shocked to see the field covered with people.

The concert started soon after we found a spot right at the back where the furthest drink tent was. We got our beers and started bopping to the music. An hour in, that tent ran out of everything except mineral water, jaegermeister, red bull and wine. It was the most hilarious thing to see faces fall when they were told they ran out of beer. This woman got into a screaming match with one of the staff, I have no idea why. It seemed at first it could be because they refused to give her refunds for her drink coupons but then I saw them giving out after that so maybe the woman was just being rude. It’s scary how crazy people will turn into without beer.

But minutes before the concert ended they dug out 2 barrels of beer and everything was alright again.

The concert ended pretty early, an hour and half later, which was almost as long as the time we took to get into the venue.

Go Beer!


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