Elle photography workshop by Canon


Elle Singapore had a photography workshop at Loola (by Awfully Chocolate) on 28 July 2012. Sponsored by Canon, the workshop focused on fashion and food photography. I’m not much of a fashion guru but I’m really into food. They had Joel Lin, fashion photographer of Audi Fashion Show 2010 and 2012, and Dr Leslie Chew, of ieatishootipost fame, talk to us about their passion.

What I liked about the session is that they didn’t go into details such as what aperture and shutter speed are. Instead they focused on things to look out for based on each of their specialties. Joel shared with us what he learned over the past 6 years, the mistakes he made and the lessons he learned. He even showed us classic model poses that all models make in every shoot, much to our amusement.

Dr Leslie Chew was a candid entertaining man. If he were my doctor, I’d fall sick every week just to have a chat with this funny man. He was lively, animated and kept us enthralled with his stories. He showed us what a bad and a good photograph of the same dish looked like, just by adjusting the light or angle of the shot. He asked us when we wanted to show people a picture of a really good prawn noodles soup we ate, is it a picture that makes people go hmm? or go YUM!!

Canon featured the latest EOS 650D. Not only is it amazingly light, it has new features like touch screen and a flip out screen that allows you to take pictures from very weird angles. I was impressed by it!

Loola served an amazing array of food, from quiche to crab cones and chocolate desserts. I naturally stayed away from the chocolate but I enjoyed the savoury dishes. They had food on display for you to practice your new photography skills.

In all a really fun way to spend my Saturday afternoon. Thank you Elle Singapore!



  1. next time got such events, please chio me!

    1. okay! any photo events or only food photo?

      1. Meng choo · ·

        Food only.:)

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