Yakiniku Yazawa Restaurant

my friend was raving about Yazawa restaurant so I had to try it. Located at Robertson Walk (near DBS auditorium) they only serve high quality Wagyu beef flown chilled from Japan. They are so popular even on a Tuesday night that we could only get ourselves squeezed in for the 6-8pm seating. We got there late at 7pm but even with 1 hour and very slow chewing, we managed to finish in time.

We started with the Yazawa salad which is really just greens with dressing oil, and rice with yukke (raw minced beef). the raw beef was SO GOOD. some yukke turn dark red as the minutes pass and tastes a little grainy but this yukke stayed a nice soft rubbery texture (due to the marbling) and stayed good throughout the meal. A must try.

The main menu was split into 3 parts; thin sliced (average price $50 / plate), normal sliced ($30) and steak cut ($100). under each section they specified the part of the cow you can choose from. We picked the ox tongue (left), the tomo-sankaku (right) and the shin-shin (bottom left). the latter 2 parts were from the rump. RUMP FOR $50 IS CRAZY!

but it was delicious rump. I’ve never had rump meat so soft and so full of marbling. The waitress was very specific. Tongue to cook for 1 min per side, tomo for 5 secs per side and the shin for 3 secs per side. We were watching the clock while flipping the meats. From the other table, we could hear people labeling their meat as the 8 secs meal.

I’m typically a fast eater but I forced myself to chew really slowly and savour every bite, because each bite probably cost us $5. I wondered out loud if they sang Japanese songs to the cows while they chewed their grass. Happy cows make happy meat. Happy meat makes happy burbur. This is what Wagyu should taste like. You have the flavour of beef, lightly salted, rolling on your tongue as the cooked fat juices tantalise your taste buds.

The damage for 2 persons was $220 without alcohol. Yazawa has ruined Aburiya for me, but it was well worth it.


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