Nigel the proper cat

Hello Handsome.


Are you calling me?

20120723-102252.jpg 20120723-102252.jpg
We had dinner at a friend’s place and I was wonderfully surprised by their cat Nigel. I’ve heard that he’s fat but I couldn’t imagine how fat 7.5kg is until I met Nigel myself. He had a lovely dark grey and white striped coat which made him look like a grey tiger, or what I thought was black sesame paste mixed with coconut sauce.

He seemed pretty comfortable with strangers in the house, often sitting himself in a corner outside the Forbidden Room (which had just been vacuumed). He allowed us to pet him once in awhile before stalking away from our grabbing hands.

20120723-102304.jpg 20120723-102327.jpg

As it was a hat party, some of us put on hats while his owner clipped cat ears onto his head. When he turned to look at Nigel, Nigel’s eyes widened with shock. Who is this? Who are you? There is another cat in the house! and promptly took a step back. His tail was raised, his back was arched, his fur stood on end. His eyes were huge O.O~ Every time his human took a step towards him, Nigel took an apprehensive step back. IT WAS SO CUTE!

By the time we left, his humans realised they had forgotten to feed him dinner, yet Nigel made not a single protesting meow that night, perhaps because they had company that night. He was such a proper cat!

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