Pig out at Angie’s

20120715-185216.jpg 20120715-185236.jpg

20120715-185258.jpg 20120715-185313.jpg

20120715-185332.jpg 20120715-185356.jpg

20120715-185415.jpg 20120715-185451.jpg

Wei Chi is back for a week so we got together with some local food that she misses while she feeds us with chocolate kueh lapis.

Someone brought a board game called Tsuro. It’s a strategy board game where each player holds a set of tiles with squiggly lines on it. the lines plot a path from the edge of the board to anywhere it could bring you. There are a number of paths, some lead you to death, some lead you here and anywhere. The point of the game was to be the last man standing as people trying to stay away from every one else on the board, or sabotage carefully laid plans by turning someone else off the board. Pretty interesting game but waiting for someone to decide which path to choose is like waiting for my uncle to decide which tile to throw in mahjong. ZZZ.


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