Who here loves food?

FS Nominee for Excellence in Storytelling (150x172)  I got a little surprise in my mailbox from another blogger Food Stories Blog (thanks for the mention!). I glanced through the comment left on one of my post and I thought it was a spam comment that managed to bypass Akismet. It said that I had been nominated for Food Stories Award and I should go check it out. I got even more suspicious because my blog isn’t exactly the shining beacon of food blogs. There are loads more blogs out there with better picture taking skills and cooking skills (for that matter) but I felt pretty chuffed that someone recognised not just my blog, but my love for food. So hell, why not? Even if I didn’t win anything, it’s great to find a community of food lovers. It’s also a treasure trove of new recipes I can try.

The last time I got nominated for something was when I was 7. I had completed my first year of school and did pretty well so the family association (or the Quek Clan) nominated me for an award for Outstanding Achievement in Something. I can’t remember what it was I did so well in (definitely not Chinese language class) but they gave me a large plastic ruler with a calculator on one end of it. I thought it was a pretty cool thing to have. A ruler that not only measures but counts too. I think I was more pleased about my prize than the award itself.

Perhaps if I won this food award, I would also get a measuring cup with a conversion calculator!

Here is me paying it forward. Here are some blogs that I enjoy reading:

To Live My Life – Life stories of my dear friend Tricia, who loves eating as much as I do.

Smitten Kitchen – Gorgeous food photos. I am in envy.

Hakka House – Food blog of my best mate Rachel, also a managing editor of a food magazine and gets to write about food!

Meng Choo – A friend I made from my earlier blogging days on livejournal, she’s a master baker and a mother of 3 beautiful girls.

Munch Ministry – A Singaporean outfit that cooks and bakes local recipes!

Do share who your favourite foodies are!



  1. Congrats on your nomination. I too am a food lover. 🙂 Good luck!

    1. thank you! I went to your blog. It’s lovely!

    2. Thank you for reading burburchan blog. This blog has moved to http://www.burburchan.com
      Please update your RSS feeds and bookmarks! You can either follow by email or click the wordpress FOLLOW button at the bottom right corner!

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