About London: a day at Covent Garden

I’ve been to London a couple of years ago and visited the main tourist attractions: Big Ben, the big cathedral, the changing of guards, the wheel, the art galleries and museums. This time round, I decided to give them all a miss and enjoy London as a Londoner would.

It was a great day to be out, the sun was shining while the weather was still cool, but not cold enough to need a cardigan. We decided to visit Covent Garden as the weekend markets were closed and this was the next to best thing we could find. Although it was more of a collection of shops than a market, I enjoyed wandering in and out of shops peering at things and poking at them.

on the lower and upper floors there were plentyof cafes and bistros. We popped into Battersea Pie Station, which had a great selection of pies and mash. I ate the lamb pie with mash while Bryan had the steak pie. neaby there were lots of people tucking into the paella that was cooked in huge pans in the middle of the piazza. They were so eye-catching and smelled so good that everyone wanted a bite of it! If you’re ever at Covent Garden, look out for Hola Paella!

After lunch, we popped into one of the more interesting shops. Benjamin Pollock Toy Shop wasn’t just any ordinary toy shop. It sold old-fashion toys such as paper toy theatres, marionettes, finger puppets, paper craft and old dolls, an amazing treasure trove for such a tiny shop. I couldn’t resist and bought myself a toy theatre of a Cinderalla story set-up and almost grabbed a few illustrated copies of Alice In Wonderland.

Segar and Snuff Parlour, and old-fashioned tobacco shop.

The Royal Opera House, located next to Covent Garden, had beautiful costumes on display.

Check out the man talking on his phone while walking. tsk!


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