About London: A day with Eliza at Holland Park

We were in London for the weekday (nobody ever says that) so we visited my honey Adele, who’s been my honey for almost 10 years and counting (probably not accurate but who cares). We decided to spend a day at Holland Park (near Hyde Park area) with her cutie pie West Highland Terrier Eliza.

This is Eliza, a New Yorker who has moved to London to taste the fresh English air. She is the smartest dog ever and the sweetest pie you’ll ever meet. When she walks with you, she will often look back to check that you’re following her. According to Adele, she loves Asian people and often barks at nail salons in Manhattan.

She also knows a bunch of tricks like running after balls, twirling in circles, barking “YOU!” whenever Adele asks her who does she love? Although she did get distracted once when a family walked by the same time Adele threw the ball. In mid-run Eliza turned and followed the family instead.

We spent a beautiful morning just chatting and playing with Eliza. It was the first day of sun shine after 2 weeks of rain in London and I thought the world was perfect, for just that one day. The park was filled with dogs and most of them were running around without their leashes. I loved how they didn’t need to set a dog park for dogs to stay in, but allowed a free and open concept that allowed not just dogs to interact with one another, but for us humans to interact with them. I love dogs and I love being amongst them. minus the butt sniffing part.

What I also love is the level of tolerance non dog owners had for dogs. The park was open to all so people freely walk through it. Whenever they encountered a free roaming dog, they just walk past it without any fear. Even when Eliza ran after 2 little girls on their skate scooters (she hates skates), the 2 girls just stopped and stared at her before Adele managed to call her back. There was no screaming, no angry parent. Of course it could also be the fact that Eliza looked so cute and harmless that it never occurred to anyone she could be of any danger.

I also love the fact that dog owners were responsible. Despite the number of dogs in the park, I didn’t see a single pile of dog poop irresponsibly left behind. there was a huge ass rottweiler who weighed as much as I did standing on a bench, muzzled and held firmly by his owner while it growled at anyone who walked by. I love how such dogs aren’t banned from the park, nor the greater London, because people can be trusted to be responsible about such dogs.

Among the many dogs Eliza made friends with that day, there was a tiny puppy that we came across. It was a little bundle of joy as it skipped down the park after its walker.

However, 50 metres behind us was this sad looking dog who stood staring at us from a distance. Apparently he came from the same household as the puppy and he’s been depressed ever since. he looked as if he were the most abandoned dog in the world. every time we turned back to look, he’d be miles away staring at us forlornly. I clapped my hands and pleaded “come??” and he will slowly shuffle towards us as if to say, “well, if you insist.” it was the saddest thing in the whole wide world! I wish I could take him home and tell him everything will be okay. He is still loved.


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  1. triciaseow · · Reply

    Yeah I love the consideration and the laid-backness of park users in london. My fave memories of the place all involve sitting in parks in the sunshine watching happy families and their gambolling dogs 🙂

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