Pink Dot 2012

This is the 4th year we are celebrating Freedom and Love for LGBT at Pink Dot 2012. Located at Hong Lim Park, the crowd was 15,000 large this time round. While I love the support that the movement is getting, it was too crowded and humid for me.

As usual, I could count on the usual suspects to show their support, with a few unexpected faces this year. It is also great that the young ones are exposed to this movement to show why there are some rights worth fighting for.

This year they had the pink dot mascot plushie and key chain!

my arm makes the pictures look like an RPG game. Press E [interact pink dot with supporters.]


we tried to be as colour coordinated with the food as possible. Thank you everyone who contributed to the pink picnic. Germaine and James for CHICKEN UP, Richard for the delicious Gourmet Pies (located near Aliwal Street along North Bridge Road), Tricia & Eugene for the salad and fruits, Angie for the pizza and Bryan for the drinks and peenk snacks. I’m glad that even though this year’s arrangements were a little haphazard and last minute, everyone stepped up and chipped in to the pink party.


The organisers went all out this year. There were tents with free food and also to allow LBGT clubs and associations to publicise themselves to provide unity and support. There was a balloon tree where you can write down your desires and wishes. Most people wrote lovely things like FREEDOM & LOVE for all, while my first thought was “I want to strike Toto”. Somewhere among the crowd, these 2 friends were wearing the KEEP CALM t-shirts which I love since I just came back from London. The amount of effort and planning that went in this year was amazing. They finally decided to use the white stage that has been left untouched for years. They put up plenty of performances, even the Tang Quartet made a guest appearance (wah so much budget this year). Kumar got us laughing with his jokes (my favourite was the one about “not having eyes on the back of the head”) while Ivan Heng and gang entertained us with a lovely song and dance number. Everything was amazingly well put together!


There were a couple of interesting characters who showed up. There was a pink ranger and stranger still was a furry in an army costume. But since this is about Freedom & Love, I shall not judge people’s preferences. Perhaps next year they should term it LGBTE where E is for Everthing Else.

There’s also a Nandos chicken walking about and… oh wait, that’s my husband.

There I am!


(picture above belongs to Pink Dot)

When it was dark enough, we all turned towards Furama hotel facing this pink lit heart from one of the hotel rooms that the pink dot people have prepared. At Pam’s very specific instructions, we turned our pink torch lights on at Furama. It was an amazing pink blob of love and friendship. The organisers outdid themselves this year. This is pretty darn worth standing with 14,999 other sweaty smelly people to be a part of this.

Watch the video here where they filmed the pink dot of light. We all wondered if this would really work, if the pink dot would really show. I’m surprised that my tiny dot of light (no bigger than a 20 cent coin) did play a small but essential part of a bigger dot. I guess it says a lot about our support for our LGBT friends eh?



  1. Wah so efficient this post!!

    (You guys really upped the peenk snack ante this year with the mix of savoury+sweet – last year I only scored sweet stuff 😉

  2. Bryan just went round grabbing everything pink he could find. He even grabbed Fanta Cherry coz it was super pink until I reminded him to get something that people will actually drink. His rose wine was a good call. Glad I didn’t nag at him not to 🙂

  3. I love the pics with the key chain. We all look happily deranged 🙂

    1. I really like how everyone just made a funny face naturally 🙂

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