Hello, Mom

A month after getting married, nothing much has changed. Except that I still refer to Bryan as “my boyfriend”. the week after I’m back from my honeymoon, whenever I refer to him as “my boyfriend” i get corrected by others. It seems like everyone is more sure of his status than I am.

what is stranger still is referring to his mother as “mom”. the first time his mother spoke to me about how excited she is that one day I will finally call her “mom” was a few weeks before the wedding. I freaked out and wailed to my friend, “but I already have a mother! I don’t need another one!” The day i returned from honeymoon and went to “my boyfriend’s” place, I entered the house as usual to see her seated before the TV engrossed in her Korean soaps. I usually greet her hello Auntie, but this time round I hesitated. Only when she turned around and noticed me did I say “Hello” followed by the longest pause in the world. She raised an eyebrow and asked, “what do you call me?” and I replied while cringing inside, “Mom”.

I think I’ll never get used to it. A friend suggested addressing her formally as “Hello Mother-in-law” which I thought was hilarious but i don’t think she’d find it remotely funny.



  1. You think that’s bad. Wait till you first have a meal with both mothers present. I call both of them “mum” so it gets weird and confusing when trying to address them both in conversation.

  2. Both your moms hang out with each other too right?

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