Men will be boys

I’m at an uncle’s office party where 3 kids and 2 grown men were playing with the office weighing machine (for postal deliveries). One of the man helped his 2 youngest grandnieces onto the machine and loudly announced their weights (16kg and 13kg respectively). When the 3rd girl, almost 10 years old, hopped onto the machine, the man left his foot on the machine and rested his weight on it. Every one gawked at the digital screen as he announced 55kg. She protested that it was because she was carrying her water bottle. He turned back and winked when caught me looking. So he took her water bottle and she climbed back onto the machine again. Again he rested his foot on the machine and she was still 55kg. I was laughing my head off watching a 65 year old man act like a 16 year old boy. THEY DON’T GROW UP APPARENTLY.

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