The breakfast of love


It’s 7am. Bryan opened his eyes and suddenly he’s awake. At 7 on a weekend. He laid in bed for a bit before deciding that he won’t be falling back to sleep anytime soon so he decided to get breakfast.

I opened my eyes as Bryan bounced out of bed. For a split second I wondered which hotel room we were in. Then I remembered we were back home in Singapore. Looking at the dim light coming in through the blinds, I wondered what day it was.

Bryan kissed my head and announced he was going to buy breakfast. While he was gone, I laid in bed and marveled at that rare moment. That we were both up early enough on a weekend to have breakfast.

I prayed for another miracle, that Bryan would come back with breakfast bee hoon, and with my favourite ingredients. A few days ago back in London, Adele and I were listing our favourite Singaporean breakfast options, me having not had any for 15 days while Adele had not had any for a couple of months now.

And Bryan answered my prayers. Happiness wrapped in brown paper with extra chili.

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