I ran through Heathrow Airport

This trip home is one of many firsts.

First we had to claim VAT at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3. that took us an hour and half.

Because of that, we checked our bags at the counter an hour later than usual, but we still had some time to do some shopping in the restricted area.

When we were going through customs and security, the metal in my veins triggered the metal detector so I had to stand in one of their new metal scanning machines.  It’s shaped like a revolving door without the revolving sections within. You stand in cylindrical container with your feet apart and your bent arms raised on either side of your head, as if you’re lying down on a massage bed. A vertical panel sweeps 180 across you as it scans for metal. Bryan assured me they only spot metals, and is not as intrusive as the ones used by US customs. I was glad coz I was wearing ugly panties that day.

After that we headed to the shopping area to grab more souveniers when Bryan suddenly asked, WHERE IS YOUR PINK LUGGAGE?

I ran all the way back to customs to get it. I had completely forgotten about it coz it didn’t come through the X-ray machine with my other bags. Instead the staff pulled it one side to check. So when I got there, they asked me to open it while they took everything out and went through every single piece of item. Even the tiny McCallen bottle (30ml) was scrutinised at before passing muster. Then the customs officer pulled out the one item that triggered the check,

My Loch Ness snow globe.

She said she cannot let this pass through as nowhere on the globe does it state the ml. I wailed, “MY SNOW GLOBE!” and she actually sympathised, “I KNOW!!” she suggested that I come out again and check-in the snow globe but I only had 20mins left before the boarding gates closed. So she offered to mail it back for me through their mail and fly services. YAY!

after that there was a minor hiccup back at the souveniers counter coz the price at the counter was different from what was keyed into the system.

That left us with 10 minutes to run to the boarding gate at THE OTHER END of the airport. so we sped walk. Or rather Bryan walked, and I ran.

I’ve never felt so rushed in my life, nor have I forgotten my luggage before. Marriage turns your brain to mush!


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