The Flight to Scotland (Day 1)

(This occurred on 5th June and was written on 7th June on iPhone. Please pardon the poor English as this was quickly typed out over breakfast.)

The flight into Scotland was bumpy. There was a baby who cried the minute she boarded the plane but it’s nothing noise canceling earphones can’t help. We sat behind a row of rowdy British who immediately tilted their chairs back once the pilot cleared the first several hundred metres but the inflight entertainment kept me occupied. I watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a lovely British film about a bunch of elderly people coming together in a rundown hotel is Jaipoor run by the kid who acted in Slumdog Millionaire. I recommend this warm-hearted movie. After watching it I wanted to visit India.

Mid flight the plane bounced us around a bit to remind us on the fragility of life. And how gravity is a bitch when it comes to wine glasses and turbulence, as the row in front of us found out. The smell of wine hit the air as people around us tried to clean themselves up. Air stewardesses were shouting at people to sit down as the plane was still bouncing people around like a ball. I clutched onto Bryan’s arm for my dear life as I tried to remember how to say Hail Mary.

The landing at Heathrow was perfect. We had hit the tarmac but I thought we were still cruising, kudos to the British Airways captain that piloted the plane. We transferred from one terminal to another via shuttle bus, a much smoother experience than I had when I was in LAX. With only 2 hours transit we barely had time to breathe when we’re on the next flight out to Edinburgh.

We’re pretty lucky this flight as:
1. There was no one seated on my other side. During boarding I was praying that someone small would sit beside me but turned out the seat was empty. With Bryan’s leg sticking out into my space I shifted myself till I was comfortable. I don’t fly long haul very well so by the last 4 hours of the flight I really couldn’t keep still as much as I wanted to. I’m really sorry to the person seated behind me but my body parts took turns getting numb. Left butt cheek. Right butt cheek. Left leg. Lower back. Even my tail bone started to hurt.

2. We didn’t lose our bags!
Heathrow is famed for losing bags, especially when it’s transferred from one flight to another. Only one other Singaporean couple changed onto the same transfer to Edinburgh with us and at the end, both our luggages popped out on the conveyor belt. I clapped when I saw my pink suitcase roll out triumphantly.


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