Casa Latina at Waterloo Street

I never liked Mexican food until I had burritos at El Diablo in Chiang Mai. However I had a sudden craving for Mexican over the weekend so when the girls asked to meet for dinner, I jumped at the opportunity.

We picked Casa Latina and we weren’t disappointed. It’s located at 42 Waterloo Street where the theatre is, next to the synagogue.

For appetisers, we had the melted cheese. it is served with green sauce and has a dash of lime in it. it is SO GOOD. Highly recommended.


Beef enchillada


Chicken Burrito


I ordered the Crab Chimichanga. I love the green sauce it came with but the crab meat was a tad bit disappointing. Dry and flakey. Overall the meal was pretty authentic and good.

I can’t tell the difference between the different types of Mexican dishes though. Burrito, quesadilla, chimichanga, enchillada.It’s like you take the basic ingredients: Tortilla, rice, bean, green sauce, sour cream and mix it around in every way possible to get the different permutations.


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