Penang Place

Mong sent me a text: do you have time on Friday to come out for lunch at Penang Place?

Penang food?? Hell yes!

Penang Place is at Fusionpolis, or rather according to the really confusing map, 1 Fusionpolis Way, or to the street signs, Connexis or some weird made up word. GPS couldn’t find Fusion anything at all (damn you Garmin) but despite my superb lack of direction, I found my way there.

Buffet lunch was going for about $28 / pax and I recommend reserving a table because although the place was fairly large, it was very popular with the middle-aged crowd. When I stepped in, there was a sea of aunties gobbling their food down at a very quick rate. God forbid if you stood in the way of an auntie and her buffet line.

I like the food. I can’t remember my Penang food trip experience to tell you if it’s authentic but the food was generally good. The assam laksa was delicious, not too watery but with a lot of kick if you toss in extra prawn paste sauce (The black sauce in the picture). I also took liberty with the assam prawns and the fish. The penang char kway teow was alright although I didn’t quite like the penang prawn noodles. the S11 at AMK serves better penang prawn noodles.

At the assam laksa stand, there’s a sign that says SELF SERVICE with instructions to toss the noodles into the sieve and dunk the noodles in hot water. one man took the noodles and started garnishing it without cooking the noodles. another lady stood there baffled until a staff walked by to inform her it’s self-service. the woman rebutted, “Oh i didn’t realise I had to pay money to DIY.” gosh was she rude or what.

At the rojak stand, they displayed 6 kinds of fruits and vegetables for you to pick. They had large salad tossing bowls for you to throw your fruits in, drop a bit of prawn paste (or in my case, A LOT) and mix it up a bit like rojak. some lady started picking her fruits and placing them neatly on her plate, before spooning some sauce on it without tossing it.

I swear Singaporeans are SO WEIRD.

1 Fusionopolis Way, #B1-20/24 Connexis, Singapore
Tel: +65 6467 7003
11.30am–2.30pm, 6pm–9.30pm (Closed on Sun)


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