Hen Party: Cupcake Decorating Class at Mong’s

Dear dear Germaine asked me one day what were my girlfriends doing for my hen party. without going too much into the details of the drama, I said not much. So she decided to throw a little get together with my friends from Livejournal crowd. I asked to keep it simple and nothing drunk and embarrassing as I wasn’t 20 anymore, so she prepared an activity based cupcake decorating party. It was perfect because it was fun and something right up my alley. Especially since decorating cupcakes was something I needed lessons on.

The very lovely Mong opened her house to us and held the class in her dining room. She taught us the basics of flat icing, flower, grass and spiral icing, the last of which I was looking forward to learning because my icing piping always came out looking like 3 day old dung than Magnolia standard icing.

Here I am showing off my flower icing on my practice sheet with the most smug look I could muster because my flowers came out perfect at first try while the rest struggled through theirs. control and precision my friends. it’s all in the wrist. Must be all that gaming.

Here is Mong scolding Angie because she wasn’t paying attention to class. Just like her son Aidan, she was fidgeting in her seat, getting up from the table to get munchies, playing with a camera, not listening to instructions. I’m not surprised her hair caught fire over a tea light candle at Jones. It’s something her son is capable of. As Germaine rightly said, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Proudly showing off our first cupcake with our teacher Mong.

Thank you girls for coming to my cupcake party. Thank you Germaine for arranging things. Thank you Mong for teaching us your class. When the madness dies down, I would love to attend your fondant classes!

The rest of the hilarity can be found in the gallery below.



  1. I never expected cupcakes to be this entertaining! Oh wait that was Angie not the cupcakes. Hur.

    (To give credit where credit is due, Tricia was my second player on this one. I tagged her in when I got swamped at work and she gamely sorted out the main details with Mong, when it became clear we didn’t have the headcount to do that other cooking class! 🙂

    1. Yay! I have to thank her!

  2. Wow, the cakes looked so well done ! =)
    Burbur, seems like you’ve got talent in this area! lol

    1. HAHA! thanks. seems like i’m not that untalented after all.

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