Baked crabs in Singapore

Dinner at Pasir Panjang Food Centre, ample parking and tables available. What’s annoying is the number of fans turned on at the same time. it creates such a windy effect that I can’t walk through the food centre without doing a Marilyn Monroe.

We ordered from the usual suspects; Seng Huat Hokkien Mee and Heng Huat Char Kway Teow. However this new stall caught my eye. Simply named Ming’s Salt Baked Crab, I knew i had to order them to try. Finally a place in Singapore that serves baked crabs that I always go for at Malacca’s Portuguese Village!

The man who took my order took pity on my struggling Mandarin and switched to English. After that he conversed with me as if he’s more comfortable in English himself. He even popped by our table to ask how it was.


The crabs were small, about 400-500g. Seasonal price going at $16 / 400g. so the price isn’t too bad. For the spoiled Singaporean who’s used to eating the large Sri Lankan crabs served at No Signboard or Jumbo, they may find these crabs a tad too small for their liking. but then I had specifically asked for small crab so we can get a taste, and they aren’t any different from the small crabs you get at Portuguese Village so I’m good with it. When the crabs arrived, I can smell the charcoal baked smell wafting from the crabs. it’s lightly coated with salt to give it added flavour. Overall the taste is good, the crabs are fresh and the meat is sweet. I wouldn’t mind going back for more, especially it’s just down the road from my office.



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