Tokyo Banana!

It’s Tokyo Banana time!

A satisfied customer.

when my colleague came back from Japan, she bought a box of Tokyo Banana and shared it with me. At first I was skeptical about a banana dessert from the Land of Mochii but I took one bite and I fell in love. It’s a soft chiffon cake shaped like a banana filled with sweet banana cream. All too soon, the sweet dessert was gone and I was really sad.

Then one of the girls came back from Japan and I asked her to grab me a box of Tokyo Banana. 8 pieces of banana goodness! Yay!

They are readily available at the dessert shops at Narita airport.



  1. I loved the Japanese banana desserts! One of my faces was a banana crepe thingy from aeon supermarket. It’s v simple – thin egg crepe filled with sweetened whipped cream and banana pieces. But oh sooooo yummy!

    1. I think if I lived in Japan I’d get fat from all their desserts!!

      1. strawberry shortcake! mount blanc!

        not to mention the super shiok yogurts and milk drinks.

  2. think i had a caramel version which was to die for. but the tokyo banana biscuits are REALLY good too.

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