Food: Lee Heng Restaurant

Lee Heng Restaurant is more of a coffee shop than a restaurant. It looks really run down but I’m one of those who believe that good food can be found anywhere despite appearances. I had a dream about eating Zi Char and when I woke up, I wanted to eat Zi Char. A quick search online for coffee shop cuisine in the west found me here.

It wasn’t that hard to find. It’s in the building opposite the famous Two Chefs coffee shop, another run down “restaurant” in the vicinity.

XO Mee Tai Mak. I recommend this dish as it is really tasty and has a slight kick to taste, as XO fried anything is wont to have. I’d take this dish over Crystal Jade’s 12 XO carrot cake ANY DAY.


Stir Fried Kai Lan with garlic. The most unassuming dish that people take for granted. I’ve often eaten bad kailan by people who can’t be bothered to fry it properly. This place does it well. The dish came out piping hot and MOIST. There was a generous serving of gravy that coated the vegetables and kept it crisp and tasty. Half way through the dish and the vegetable was still steaming hot and I burnt my tongue couple of times trying to gulp it down.


You can’t tell from this picture but it’s deep fried pork knuckle. Or according to the menu, pork nankle. I love it when they misspell food. This dish was the last to arrive, when we were almost done with our mee tai mak. It was very crispy but a little too dry, I think the oil was either too hot or they fried it for too long. Served with Thai chili sauce but we realised it tasted better with the sambal served by the coffee shop.

Overall bill for 2 $33


I’d go back again to try the claypot seafood and marmite chicken.

Blk 118 Commonwealth Crescent #01-29

Plenty of HDB parking (50c / half hour)



  1. We used to frequent this place when I was in uni. Really cheap and good food.

    1. what else is good?? i want to go back there again!

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