Men and babies

Last Thursday my friend’s third kid slipped out of the womb and into the world. She was soft and pink and the best part, asleep. At least for the most parts of our visit at the hospital. Everyone was marveling at how wonderful she was. I thought she was pretty great coz she wasn’t crying wailing baby. There were 5 of us visiting her and out of the 5, there was a 40-something year old man, 2 single girls, 1 impending marriage (me) and the last is a mother of 2 boys. she craves for a baby girl and was the first to scoop the baby out of her bassinet for hugs and kisses. I sat the furthest away from the thing. Enter 40-something year old heckler who kept bugging me to get one soon as if a baby were a Prada bag and getting one wasn’t a big deal. When I told him to shut up, he turned to the mother of 2 and bugged her to have another one, as if her two boys weren’t enough of a handful. When I remarked that it’s funny how a MAN was telling women to have babies like it’s so easy, the 2 mothers in the room agreed, how men have it so easy. They just contribute at the start and that’s all. One mother complained that her husband did NOTHING to help. While the mother of this baby was complaining that while she was having labour pains, her husband sat beside her at the bed distracted with his iPad game. Her husband defended himself by saying that there was nothing he could do at that time, which was true. But seriously, I certainly don’t need advice from a man whether to have a baby or not.

and then Bryan posts something like that on facebook and i’m SCARED.


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