Sorry I can’t make it because…

Why is it when people get invites to public events on Facebook, they can’t just ignore it or click decline. They actually end up explaining why they can’t make it, invariably giving out private information to a pool of strangers who are also invited to the same event.

You’ve seen it. In a page where it’s dedicated to some rave party 10,000 people strong, the organiser invites EVERYONE on the page to notify them of an upcoming concert. Instead of quietly accepting the information, people actually reply to the notification and state why they can’t make it.

The reasons are often because they won’t be in town, they are instead
1. on an overseas trip in Shanghai / Dubai / Milan because they are such high-flyers
2. on a holiday in Tokyo / Hong Kong / South Africa because they are on a holiday and the rest of you are not har har

you realise no one says things like, oh I’m sorry I can’t make it because I’d rather stay home like a nerd and play Star Wars The Old Republic. or Sorry I can’t make it because I’ve to breastfeed.

However some people tell such truths I wonder what is their intention. Like one lady was apologetic that she couldn’t attend an event because she was going for a lobotomy. That is the ultimate rejection because the person is going under the knife and really no party invite or public event is going to beat that.


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