9 Things I miss about Diablo


It’s open public beta Diablo 3 this weekend as the developers put the game to a stress test. Around the world, millions of Diablo fans crawl out from under the rock that is called Real Life to return to the 10 year old game which has finally come back.

I’ve been playing for an hour or so and the game is exactly as I remembered it. This time round, instead of going for the usual caster class, I went for the Demon Hunter instead, much impressed as I was by her skills from the teaser videos. While playing, the old sights and sounds from 10 years ago came back to me and I realised how much I miss this game.

  1. the whirling sound it makes when you click on a corpse and a weapon comes flipping out.
  2. the Cathedral. come on. you gotta miss that.
  3. the bubbling sound when you consume a potion and watch your sphere fill up.
  4. getting lost in the dungeon and retracing your steps through the opened doors.
  5. shooting at barrels
  6. running in a haphazard circle while trying to pick up the gold coins scattered around you.
  7. the inexhaustible amount of ammo.
  8. killing skeletons
  9. running amok with your 3 other friends in a mad rush to see who can kill more skellies.

3 more weeks to the launch of the real deal!



  1. eatdrinkcooktravel · · Reply

    Is the beta live all the way to the launch? I wanna dip my toe in first 🙂

    1. it’s only for this weekend though. I expect the beta testing to end soon but Bryan is still slashing away right now as of 1149pm.

      1. eatdrinkcooktravel · ·

        Yeah so I found out (from HS asking if it’s OK to stay up late playing). 3 happy hours playing 🙂 Pity I only managed to try the monk character – had the prettiest clothes, but I was so disappointed when they gave me a naked character to start, heh.

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