Assumptions about men and sex

It’s been all over the news and social media. the sordid tale of 44 men charged for sex with an underaged sex worker. Everyone is talking about it. Online, in the office, over lunch. it’s gotten to the point where people are getting a little annoyed with the coverage because it’s all anyone talks about.

but it is what they talk about that’s the funny thing I realised. over two lunches, my colleagues were tearing the story apart trying to figure out what, when or why. I listened amused at some of the assumptions people make.

1. the age of the accused range from 21 to 48 years old. “I understand why a 48 year old man would do this, but why would a 21 year old man go to a sex worker?”
the assumption: that only young men get the girls and old men have to pay for sex.

2. “some of the men actually don’t look too bad!”
the assumption: only ugly men have to pay for sex.

3. “the girl is so ugly. what were they thinking?”
The girl actually isn’t ugly. she just doesn’t look like a super model. I’m not sure why they think a person who can potentially work as a super model would choose the sex trade instead.

4. “why did they pay so much? she does nothing but lie there.”
i actually burst out laughing at this one. lying there is what YOU do, not what sex workers are paid to do.

5. “why would he pay for sex? he doesn’t look like he needs to.”
some men pay for sex because that’s all they want. sex. they don’t want to waste time going to a bar, going after a girl, in the hopes they get sex out of it, and in the end get stalked by a psycho who expects a relationship out of it.

6. “why are these men so stupid? going after girls who look so young. they should go after women their own age.”
I don’t personally know anyone who actually lusts after aunties. do you?


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