A weekend feast

It is Tiny’s birthday celebration weekend. Instead of spending minimum $80 per head at Aburiya, we decided to have our own Japanese grill in Bib’s backyard. She very kindly went to the supermarket and bought $400 worth of premium cuts of beef and pork, tofu, Japanese fish cake, prawns and squid and vegetables. It was a veritable feast. We ended up so much food that we couldn’t finish.


The next day she opened her fridge and found 6 trays of leftover meat. She called the troop back in to finish the food so we headed over to her place for round 2, this time nabei hot pot with the leftover food. I ate till I burst. It’s a sin to boil wagyu meat but it still tastes just as good. we then did a food experiment between good pork and cheap pork and even though I had food up to my throat, I still manage to push it down and pronounce it the best pork I’ve ever eaten.



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