Puppies Haru and Sora

My friend Bib adopted 2 mixed breed puppies from a doggie home. She had intended to take one puppy from the litter but the puppy lady brought the sister along and Bib fell in love with them. Good ploy to give the 2nd puppy a home/

This is Bryan killing the puppy with tickles.

Both puppies at 8 weeks are a bundle of energy. They are running around the house in a frenzy and are often playing with each other, if you consider biting and yelping playing. I love hugging them because they let you do it for awhile before they try to struggle out of your hugs. That and I’m not allergic to dogs.


Haru, the male pup, is friendly and playful. he likes to play ball and is well-behaved. The girls guessed that he’s a border collie mix due to the shape of his face.


His sister Sora is the more domineering and mischievous of the lot. She’s constantly jumping onto Haru’s back, much to his annoyance. She steals his stuff, sleeps on the bed and kicks him out. Generally being an annoying little sister. She has traits of a Jack Russell Terrier. Yes they come from the same litter but had different daddies. GO FIGURE!


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  1. The pups are cute!

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