Shinryoku restaurant

We celebrated my boss’ birthday at Shinryoku Yakitori (Purvis Street). They have a $58+++ dinner buffet menu with a pretty good selection of yakitoris. I ordered servings for 10 people from beef skewers to deep fried food to delightful morsels of fresh sashimi. The food was pretty good although they came out slowly at first. Typical of hungry people, our group of 10 were banging our tables for more despite the food trickling out of the kitchen like a dying river. However when things sped up towards the end, we were too full to finish any more.

Deep fried salmon skin salad. I asked the waiter to serve the skin sans salad.


I love these people, even though the conversation was rude and vulgar. We went from talking about testicles to pig’s vaginas, and I got a pain in my gut from laughing. Apparently one of the girls was watching a documentary where it’s been scientifically proven that a man’s one ball hangs lower than the other ball and she had to share that tidbit with us over dinner. If that weren’t bad enough, one of my other colleagues erroneously tried to order “pig’s vagina” in a language he wasn’t fluent in.


The restaurant’s menu was pasted on the walls, with stars tagged to it by customers with comments written on it. This was our favourite.


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